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  • 72112

    Standard 2 Module, 1 Channel, 7 Day, 46 Operations

    • Volt-free 16A changeover contact
    • 46 memory locations
    • Module timer
    • Standard programming
    • Works with key programming & EasyVUE connect (Key & hub are optional extras)
    • Battery Reserve: 10 years

Technical Specifications

Power Supply 230V AC, 50/60Hz
Programming46 Operations
Mounting DIN
Current Rating16A
Switching Capacity 6A Inductive@0.6pf Filament lamp 1,000 W Halogen lamp 1,000W Fluorescent lamp with electronic lamp ballast 500W Fluorescent lamp conventional lamp ballast 400W Compact Fluorescent lamp 300W LED 230V AC 300W
Reserve10 years
Switching FunctionsON; OFF; Pulse, Permanent On/Off
Pulse Length00:01 up to 59:59 mm:ss
Memory Locations48
Minimum Interval1 min
Program Security unlimited (E2-PROM)
Temperature Range-30°C to +55°C
Enclosure Self-extinguishing thermoplastic
Type of Protection IP20 to DIN EN 60529
Class of Protection 2 when installed according to regulations
Dimensions90 x 36 x 63 mm