Standard 4 Pin Time Switch, 3 on/offs, omit off operation

  • Temporary override (manual button)
  • Programming: 24 hour with on/off operations
  • Current Rating: 20A
  • Battery Reserve: 100 hours
  • Day omit dial

Technical Specifications

Power Supply 230V AC, 50/60Hz
Programming24 hour programme with ON/OFF operations
Display24 Hour dial
Mounting Surface
Current Rating20A resistive. More Switching Capacity info on request
Reserve100 hrs (providing battery has been charged for 300 hrs)
Day OmissionSelectable
Temp Override FacilitySelectable
Cable Size6.0mm2
Timing Accuracy5 mins/year
Temperature Range0°C to 50°C
Live Parts ProtectionEnclosure Protection
Dirt and Moisture ProtectionIP20
Shock ProtectionClass 1 (Product must be earthed)
Dial Calibration15 min divisions
Setting Accuracy+/- 3 minutes
Period Between unlike Operations15 minutes minimum
Period Between like Operations105 minutes minimum
Day Omit Skips On OperationQ554, Q555, Q559, Q563, Q586
Day Omit Skips Off OperationQ557
DimensionsHeight (wall mounted) 136mm, width 105.7mm, projection 82mm, (Total height 146.5mm)
Complies withBS EN60730